Examples routes and heading what to see we have made to assist you in choosing places to visit - beauties of Croatian Adriatic and give you the approximate consumption data, time and distance traveled. We hope that you will enjoy cruising on our yachts !!!

So many in just one week. The woman and child were delighted. Me too, we drove 348 km with just 353 l of fuel. Incredibly!!!

Michael, Austria


Of course, the main even of this route is a visit to the Krka National Park where we suggest you, since that prices vary a lot, to eat in the taverns that are a little further away. You can eat also well in the bay Zaklopica, while in Kukljica with swimming we suggest a walk with an ice cream. View on the Pašman sea channel is great from the hill Semić that loomed over Mrljane, where you should take a look on old stone houses. Other, discover yourself.... Yet these are the charms coming to new places...

Trip data:

Trip length:
188 NM or 348 km
Total driving time:
17,2 h
Fuel consumption:
20l/h 353 l total
to 22 knotts
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